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The History of Space Opera

Lost (and found) Star Wars stories

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Eddie Van Der Heidjen's amazingly exhaustive page!


Robert Mullin's wildly unique chronology project attempts to fuse the EU canon with Disney's.


Jedi Sabacc


Long forgotten, un-reprinted Star Wars adventures and nonfiction literature

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Plif lives with Marvel Star Wars stats and loads of fun pages!


Fascinating study of the changes made to the original trilogy


This site's original pre-Filoni Clone Wars Timeline

The Clone Wars Viewing Order


Another chronology of the Clone Wars incorporates older stories in relation to the animated series


Everything you always wanted to know about the Star Wars Holiday Special!



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This is the inchoate beginning of the universe, lost to the annals of history,

but known in legends and records of the ancient Firstborn, the earliest races spawned

by the Celestials. It is the time of the evil Architects and the Old Ones, who sought to usurp rule

of the galaxy from the benevolent Celestials. Travel was available freely through Hypergates and Infinity

Gates. Three major conflicts emerged at this time, the Empyrean wars, the War of Temporal Planes, and the

Twilight Wars, which lasted until the formation of the Republic. These three later became known as the Cosmic Wars.


37,000 – 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin

This is an ancient time before a great Republic united the galaxy. A time before the first Jedi

emerged to serve as the guardians of peace and justice. In this era, mysterious alien civilizations

with unimaginable powers ruled their own dominions. It is an era of legend, an era before the discovery of

hyperspace travel, before the foundation of the Old Republic, and before the philosophies of the Jedi and the Sith were codified.



25,000 – 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin

The Old Republic was the legendary government

that united a galaxy under the rule of the Senate.  In this era,

the Jedi are numerous, and serve as guardians of peace and justice.

The Tales of the Jedi comics take place in this era, chronicling the immense

wars fought by the Jedi of old, and the Empire of the Ancient Sith who sought domination.


1,000 – 0 years before the Battle of Yavin

For a thousand years, the Galactic

Republic maintained democracy in the galaxy with

the Jedi as its guardians of peace and justice.  But a Sith plot,

a millennia in the making, engulfs the galaxy in the Clone Wars, leading to

the ascendancy of the Emperor and the fall of the Jedi.  This is the era that contains the prequel trilogy.



0 – 5 years after the Battle of Yavin

An outcry of resistance begins to spread across

the galaxy in protest to the new Empire's tyranny. Cells

of the Rebellion fight back, and the Galactic Civil War begins. 

This era begins with the Rebel victory that secured the Death Star plans,

now known as the Battle of Yavin, and ends a year after the death of the Emperor

high over the forest moon of Endor.  The Rebellion starts to reform itself into a body of government,

first as the Alliance of Free Planets, and later the New Republic.  This is the era that contains the classic trilogy.




5 – 25 years after the Battle of Yavin

Having defeated the Empire at the Battle of Endor,

the Rebel Alliance must now transform itself from a militant resistance

force into a functioning galactic government.  As Imperial territory is reclaimed,

the New Republic suffers growing pains, having to fend off insurrections, Imperial loyalists, and

wayward warlords.  Also, Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi, begins training apprentices, rebuilding the Jedi order.





25 – 30 years after the Battle of Yavin

The Jedi Knights are now a hundred strong. 

The New Republic has signed a peace treaty with what little remains

of the Empire.  The galaxy is finally enjoying a peaceful respite from decades of war. 

It's at this time that a horrible alien menace invades the Republic from beyond known space. 

The Yuuzhan Vong lay waste to entire worlds in their scourge, as depicted in the novels of the New Jedi Order.



Legacy of the Force

37 – 140 years after the Battle of Yavin

This is the era of Luke Skywalker's legacy:

The Jedi Master has unified the order into a cohesive group of

powerful Jedi Knights. Coruscant has begun to undergo reconstruction from the

Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and the Galactic Alliance weathers internal pressures.  However, as this era begins,

planetary interests threaten to disrupt this time of relative peace and Luke is plagued by visions of an approaching darkness.



Label designated by Lucasfilm to indicate stories

which are not part of continuity.  These include some of the

re-imaginings of the Classic Trilogy published by Dark Horse Comics as well as

some of the shorts in the anthology series, Star Wars Tales.  The designation allows for both serious

and humorous stories to be told without concern for the extensive web of continuity that makes up the Expanded Universe.





37,000 years before the Battle of Yavin – 140 years after the Battle of Yavin

This designation covers the entire history of the Star Wars

Expanded Universe, from the period of the ancient Jedi and the Sith Empire

to the rise of Emperor Palpatine and the Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi, the period of

Imperial domination, the era of Rebellion which includes the Classic Trilogy, the formation of the

New Republic and the scourge of the Yuuzhan Vong.  Infinities stories are included in a separate section on the bottom.


Note: Unpublished or out-of-print Star Wars stories will be taken down if/when officially released/reprinted

Supernatural Encounters

& Cult Encounters


The complete unpublished saga


Tom Veitch's unpublished bridge story between Dark Empire I and II

Heart of the Jedi 

Kenneth Flint's unpublished, previously lost Bantam novel

Abel G. Peña's Skyewalkers

Available exclusively here

Prima Guide Stories

The Tale of the Aiwha Pod

Pax Empirica The Wookiee Annhilation

Escape from Kalist

The complete story by John Morton ("Dak Ralter" in TESB)

Star Wars RPG Magazines

Dynamic (growing) list of digital Star Wars RPG magazines

Once Upon a Galaxy

Comic-strip from TV Times Magazine (Oct 1982)

Battle for Theed

Rare three-page promotional comic by Michael Stackpole

Star Wars Mythos

Sideshow Collectibles cancelled in-universe EU back-stories

Star Wars Missions books

The complete twenty book series from the OOP Scholastic series from 1997-1999

Episode I Adventures

The complete 15 book series from OOP Scholastic series from 1999-2000

The Dread Pirate Xim & The Treasure of Darth Hevel


The follow-up to

The Godform Assumption of StarCrow the Wise

Michael Brennan's tale of ancient evil told in the style of Milton

Adventures in Hyperspace #3



Unpublished third book in the series

in Epub format.

Star Wars Junior Books

The complete twelve book series from the OOP Scholastic series from 1999-2000

Dig Magazine

Rare archaeology magazine containing "The Lost City of Tatooine"

The Coruscant Holonet

Complete Coruscant Holo Net from the UK and US Clone Wars Magazines

Death Troopers Rare Bonus Content



Recovered Messages from the Imperial Prison Barge Purge


Stormtrooper TK-329 Tweets

The Clone Wars Titan Magazine


Vol 6


Star Wars Magazine


Vol 7


The hard-to-find Clone Wars, Rebels, and Star Wars magazine comics

Interviews with Star Wars EU Authors

Clone Wars: Way of the Warrior



OOP personalized Penguin books

Translated Spanish Droids & Ewoks Comics



For the history of this series, go here


Translated Droids & Ewoks Storybooks




For a history of the Plaza Joven series, go here


Droids ReAnimated: Parts 1 & 2



Commentaries by Rich Handley & Abel Pena

Escape from Auren



Droids 1988 Video-Game Prologue

Articles from 2004–2012 removed from the official website's Hyperspace,, and the Star Wars Blog.

Lost Webstrips



Clone Wars Seasons 1-3


Evasive Action webstrips


Take place in the weeks leading up to Revenge of the Sith and after

Rookies: Rendezvous

Rookies: No Turning Back


Take place between Eps IV & V

Fate of the Jedi: Imprint


A Hunter's Fate: Greedo's Tale


Hungarian Han Solo Books




English translations coming soon!



Sourcebooks, supplements & RPG Adventures, including:

The unpublished Adventure Journals #16, 17, and 18




Lost Prelude to Rebellion webcomic

More to come!