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The History of Space Opera

Lost (and found) Star Wars stories

Articles, columns and quotes in defense of the Star Wars Expanded Universe!


The goal of the all-volunteer, non-profit Twin Suns Foundation is to promote reading and writing around the world, and serve as the voice for the Star Wars Expanded Universe Movement! Fundraisers, book donations, billboards, check 'em all out today!

Eddie Van Der Heidjen's amazingly exhaustive page!


Robert Mullin's wildly unique chronology project attempts to fuse the EU canon with Disney's.


Jedi Sabacc


Long forgotten, un-reprinted Star Wars adventures and nonfiction literature

TBone's famous Star Wars site include cut-scenes, scripts, and so much more!


Plif lives with Marvel Star Wars stats and loads of fun pages!


Fascinating study of the changes made to the original trilogy


This site's original pre-Filoni Clone Wars Timeline

The Clone Wars Viewing Order


Another chronology of the Clone Wars incorporates older stories in relation to the animated series


Everything you always wanted to know about the Star Wars Holiday Special!





X-wing Rogue Squadron #Ĺ




X-wing Rogue Squadron Apple Jacks Special


Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Volume 1

This 2006 Omnibus trade paperback collects the following issues:


X-wing Rogue Leader 1-3

Note: Ignore the date published inside the book.  Such a placement would not only cram the Truce at Bakura into less than a week, but would also eliminate the numerous stories which already exist in this time frame. In fact, the story itself indicates that it occurs just prior to X-Wing: Rogue Squadron #1: The Rebel Opposition.




X-wing Rogue Squadron #1-4: The Rebel Opposition



X-Wing Rogue Squadron #5-8: The Phantom Affair




X-Wing Rogue Squadron Handbook


Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Volume 2


This 2006 Omnibus trade paperback collects the following issues:


X-Wing Rogue Squadron #9-12: Battleground: Tatooine




X-Wing Rogue Squadron #13-16: The Warrior Princess




X-Wing Rogue Squadron #17-20: Requiem for a Rogue





X-Wing Rogue Squadron #21-24: In the Empireís Service




X-Wing Rogue Squadron #25: The Making of Baron Fel

X-Wing Rogue Squadron #26-27: Family Ties




X-Wing Rogue Squadron #28-31: Masquerade




X-Wing Rogue Squadron #32-35: Mandatory Retirement





X-wing: Book #1: Rogue Squadron

Note: Chapter 3 dates this story at nearly 7ABY.


X-wing: Book #2: Wedge's Gamble


X-wing: Book #3: The Krytos Trap


X-wing: Book #4: The Bacta War


X-wing: Book #5: Wraith Squadron


X-wing: Book #6: Iron Fist


X-wing: Book #7: Solo Command


X-wing: Book #8: Isardís Revenge


X-wing: Book 9: Starfighters of Adumar






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Note: Unpublished. rare. or out-of-print Star Wars stories will be taken down if/when officially released/reprinted

Supernatural Encounters



Includes Cult Encounters


Previously unpublished story intended for Hyperspace and the Star Wars Blog


Tom Veitch's unpublished bridge story between Dark Empire I and II

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