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Archived News 2009


12/27/09 For Adventure Journal fans

Fans of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal in the 90's will remember Alex Winger, the star of several of Charlene Newcomb's stories in that publication. Hyperspace has just published a previously untold tale in the life of Alex Winger set at 13 ABY. If you're a hyperspace member, you can check out "Shades of Gray" here.


Imperial Commando

LFL is looking into continuing the series with another author (possibly based on Traviss notes?). This is the best-case scenario given the fact of Traviss' departure. As regards the continuity-issues, there may be some things in the works to ensure that everything harmonizes. We'll find out soon enough.



New Alex Winger story up at 13 ABY (from Hyperspace)



Nothing major. Adjusted the Despotica dates to when they were composed (since they're historicity is in question and they are plays). Also added the date as to when Skynx wrote his history of Xim to 9ABY (as per the author). Finally, I added the last few Clone Wars episodes and a new Infinities Lego Clone Wars storyline.


12/13/09 Continuity-Rape 2

Well, they've greenlit a sequel to one of the biggest continuity-violators to date. No, not the Clone Wars animated series (the episode that's supposedly to cause all kinds of problems hasn't yet aired, so it's not fair to condemn it yet ). That's right. The Force Unleashed. # 2 is in now in development. Head over to the Official Site's thread to voice your concern.



Both Dex stories are now placed, Appetite for Adventure (in CW Adventures #9) and the new Hyperspace exclusive, Dining at Dex's, at 23 BBY.


Also, in adding the ancient play from the new Hyperspace exclusive: Xim Week: The Despotica: Part II: The Pirate Prince, I've moved back the timeline to 25,200, where our first fiction piece takes place (or in this case was composed). I haven't yet created a separate Ancient History page (one story doesn't justify the page), but perhaps as more tales are forthcoming in this nebulous period I will.


I don't yet know when the frame story of this or the History of Xim (which must take place afterwards since he references Skynx's work). The former must be before 10 ABY which is when Skynx gets his chroma-wings, which he doesn't yet have when he wrote his history.


Thanks again to Plaristes for the heads-up! Lots of exciting developments on Hyperspace this week!


12/02/09 No Continuations for Imperial Commando Novel!

At least, not by Karen Traviss, who has stated her position that she will not be continuing the series due to contractual issues and major continuity ones, which she's now specified. Read the full story at her blog here. The short of it is that the cartoon series intends to feature an episode that declares that the Mandalorians have been pacifists for centuries, and that Mandalore is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. To date, she has not been told that this element is going to be fixed to allow her past FIVE novels to make any sense (since these utilize the traditional understanding of Mandalorians as a warrior race and Mandalore as a non-nuked planet). With that understanding, she has decided to leave the franchise.


And the fact is, whether you liked her or her novels, she can't be faulted for this decision. The shame is that after five books, the fans are not only losing an author who's work they've enjoyed, but are left hanging as to the fate of these characters.


As I've noted in the past, this is a serious issue that has larger implications. If these five novels are rendered as never having happened (and not just these five novels, but anything that references them or the older understanding of Mandalore -- which is a lot), it means that a sizeable chunk of the Expanded Universe is being essentially destroyed for the sake of a single episode or two of the cartoon series (enjoyable though that series may be).


Address your polite letters to the official site's message boards.



Finally got around to adding "Deader than a Triton Moon": 1 BBY and 11 BBY (flashback). Jason Fry has said the frame story takes place around A New Hope, which we all know can mean anytime from 1 BBY to 1 ABY. I chose a few months BBY.



Thanks to Eddie, I fixed the placement of "Light and Shadow" to after The Sith War storyline (where I also now placed "The Sith War" entry from TEGTTF: Jedi vs. Sith.



Every once in awhile you find a better way of doing things. After retooling the layout of The Clone Wars animated series, it still looked clunky and crowded. Now it follows the Droids and Ewoks animated series layout (which got some tweaking as well), and is a lot easier to read and comprehend. I also tried to make Wild Space's interpolation of "Downfall of a Droid" (episode 6 of The Clone Wars) a bit tighter. Also, I fixed the placement of the new webcomic ("Act on Instinct"). Thank you again Plaristes!



The Old Republic: Threat of Peace: Act III: Uncertain Surrender is now available online. And good news: Dark Horse will be collecting these in Spring 2010 in a graphic novel along with some exclusive extras!



Minor update. Added links and image of the new Clone Wars Complete Season One DVD, and spread out the episodes a little more evenly over months 7 and 8. Also added some HNN reports and two videos to season 9. Thanks again to Plaristes for making it a lot easier to update with all the glut of Clone Wars promos everywhere!


Luke keeps finding good stuff! I also just added some cool NRI reports from an online supplement to the game Jedi Knight II: Outcast. That's been placed at 11 ABY.



Thanks to a number of leads and some prompting from Plaristes, I added some of the Star Wars Galaxies fiction pieces (see 1 ABY). I've decided to place source fiction under its own category (called appropriately "source fiction"), as well as source material, in each appropriate date. I know that sounds like I'm going back to the "circa" method of chronologizing (that's a neologism, but hey, there's not a lot of words for what we do), but the truth is I just can't get around the notion that these very separate stories attached to specific events on specific worlds (in-universe), attached to specific campaigns of specific game-systems (out-of-universe) clog up the timeline and confuse people more than anything else. Especially is this true with something like the Galaxies fiction pieces which are only pieces of stories that are connected to events in the game itself, which the non-player isn't going to understand. I think it's great there are fiction stories for some of these campaigns, but unless they're properly fleshed out for non-gamers, they serve little purpose other than to enrich the experience of gamers. And I don't see that they should be scattered about the timeline as if they were legitimate stories that have a beginning, middle and end. These can still be placed in their proper timeline-context without clogging things up, and with a nice designation that explains what they are to us non-gamers. It's an improvement from the "circa" designation (which had been used for everything that didn't involve known characters), but perhaps not quite a fully equal system for everything that some of you wanted. I'm all for equal rights for human-beings of all stripes, but not so much for stories, especially when they're not even proper stories, but pieces of some RPG or MMORPG that even the hardcore EU reader won't be able to make heads-or-tails of on his own without having played the game. It seems like a good system anyway. We'll see. I'm still some time away from actually placing all those (especially the mountain of West End Games material), but I haven't forgotten.


I also added (finally -- thanks again for the reminder, Luke) Ben's letters to Jaina. These exclusives are long gone, by the way. Hopefully they'll get a nice reprint somewhere. If anyone needs them in the meantime, drop me a line.


I also added the exclusive script read at Fan Days III, which serves as a prequel to tonight's Clone Wars episode "Landing at Point Rain". There's a hyperlink to it, so check that out.


Finally, I added some KOTOR-related RPGs from the Wizards of the Coast site, a head-start for what I'll eventually do for the entire 'history' section of the timeline. I'll also add a separate RPG page (kind of like the separate Infinities page) just so that you guys have a chronological check-list of things. I'll probably do that for the source material/source fiction stuff as well (we'll see if there's interest in that).


But hey! Today was a big update! There won't be another for awhile, but I'll keep y'all abreast.


Oh, ok, one more thing. I added the final Hunt for R2-D2 comic and the new Quest for R2-D2 mini-movies and games at Check it out, corporal.


And while I was at it, I added an older Lego Magazine, with the story "Asteroid Ambush" which basically adapts the asteroid chase of Jango Fett and Obi-Wan from Attack of the Clones, as well as the placement and cover of the excellent Imperial Commando: 501st (first month after Revenge of the Sith).


11/04/09 501st!

If you haven't picked up Karen Traviss' latest book, Imperial Commando: 501st, go get it!! It definitely continues the saga from her Republic Commando books, and minor spoiler, brings back one of my favorite EU characters that vanished during the Clone Wars: Scout, from Yoda: Dark Rendezvous (which some of you know is one of my top five favorite EU books)! I'm going through it nice and slowly, and enjoying the heck out of it! The book continues in the way of being very character-driven, very clone-driven and very Mandalorian, which I think is great! I've been a fan of Mandalore since the days of Marvel, and it's always a pleasure to read an author who incorporates aspects from all the older EU sources. With the recent controversy over Traviss' departure due to continuity issues, there's still concern about what's going to happen in the now-running 2nd season of Clone Wars (which has been excellent), but LFL expert Sue Rostoni and Leland Chee assure us we need not fret. I know I'll feel better when I see exactly what Mr. Lucas did to get Ms. Traviss to depart a lucrative position, and if it even comes to pass (as we've seen, Filoni's been known to pull rabbits from hats). In the meantime, 501st continues to be a great read!




I guess when you least expect it, I do an overhaul, this time to The Clone Wars animated series. With the upcoming DVD release, it needed a slightly different format. I think it looks much neater and clearer this way, so much so that I updated the Droids and Ewoks (season 1 only) entries to somewhat match it... not entirely, as there are still no season DVDs out (apparently Lucas doesn't mind losing money to bootleg copies). I also added the recent Clone Wars episodes and fixed the position of the three-part webcomic.



I added Death Troopers to the point in-between chapters 9 and 10 in Rebel Dawn (of The Han Solo Trilogy), as well as the book's ancillary elements (Twitter and Random House posts). Thanks to Rob Mullin for the placement suggestion.


Update: I added the nine individual letters since they direct to seven different websites. This should make it easier to track down (as the links from each individual site only goes to sites' main pages and not directly to the pages where the letters are). If the paperback version of the book doesn't contain each of the letters (and the Twitter feeds), I'm considering compiling all of them here for archival purposes and just in case any of the sites go down or lose their older pages or links (which I know would never happen since that's so out of the realm of possibility). Thanks to Luke for the heads up.



Not a lot of updates from me these days. I'm in the second draft of my book ( and necessarily focusing my attention there. I did just add the new Galactic Timeline entry at, this one The Battle of Bothawui.


I also finished the excellent Death Troopers! (The author has announced he's writing a prequel for!) and will figure out where that goes (2 or 1 BBY) shortly.


10/13/09 Dawn of the Deathtroopers

What's even better than Star Wars? Star Wars and Zombies!!! Check out the awesome trailer for Death Troopers here before heading out pick up the book!



Finally picked up Ryder Windham's new book: A New Hope: The Life of Luke Skywalker. Really good stuff, in here! I started adding some dates in young Luke's life. More to come. Update: That's complete! Lots of new stories in Luke's life and some nice surprises!



Added the new Clone Wars videogame (Republic Heroes) to the 9th month. All I know is that it takes place in-between seasons. You guys already know, but it bears repeating that my placements of these things are all subject to change once Filoni and/or LFL put together an official timeline. It's also subject to change when I go back and rewatch everything on DVD. There's a ton of new Clone Wars material that's been put out. Exciting, yes, but not always easy to stay on top of when you're working overtime on your own projects. Put the fiddles away, I just wanted to point it out. All that matters is this: The new Clone Wars series has to take place in the year 22 BBY, but after all the books and comics which have been forcibly moved to earlier in the year (b/c Anakin's not a knight in those). So I'm giving each of the new CW seasons about a month/month and a half each. If they suddenly bump it up to year 21 BBY, then I'll see about stretching things out.



After what feels like a century, Hyperspace posted two old Adventure Journal stories: "The Longest Fall" and "Betrayal by Knight". For those of you who still have Hyperspace memberships, enjoy, and let's hope it's the start of a new trend, and not just a one-off.



Lots of new covers added: KOTOR 44 & 45, Clone Wars #7 & 8, Dark Times #0 & 14, Invasion #1 & 2, and Legacy #39.



Still playing catch up. Now I finally added covers for Lego Magazine's Star Wars comics (more to come) and the two recent Star Wars Adventures digests, of which I placed the newest one, Princess Leia and the Royal Ransom in the year 2 ABY.



Added the new game and it's comic one-page bonus: The Clone Wars: Droids Over Iego (you can read the bonus comic here).


9/11/09 Death Troopers Are Coming!

On October 13, the first Star Wars horror book, Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber, is headed your way, and in the meantime, have some fun with these exclusive shorts from Schreiber in the form of leaked letters from the ship Purge, where a mysterious disease is starting to take hold. Check out "Recovered Messages from the Imperial Prison Barge Purge". 


9/07/09 Live Action Series, Blu Ray and Books

Steve Sansweet recently revealed that the live action series will debut in 2012. It will be a weekly drama, with hour-long episodes. Apparently, Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett in Ep. II) may be announcing his involvement soon.


As regards the long-awaited box set, Lucas and company ARE working on an upcoming Blu-Ray set of all the films. No word yet on when exactly when can expect to see it, and still no word on the Droids or Ewoks animated series.


If you haven't yet, pick up The Star Wars Atlas. It's pretty amazing: over 4,000 planets listed, tons of maps, and a wealth of material from almost everything in the EU. Jason and Dan have done a really great job on this! And while you're at the bookstore, don't forget to grab Ryder Windham's new The Life of Luke Skywalker and the latest Rebel Force novella.



Added the new Galactic Timeline: Record 004: The Empire Changes Strategy to 3664 BBY. Another great entry by Lance Henriksen.


8/15/09 Update

Sue Rostoni and Leland Chee, heads of Lucasfilm licensing, have weighed and said that we need not be unduly upset as the Clone Wars episodes in question haven't yet aired, and they may not be as damaging as it appears. They've also gone on record as ensuring that any continuity errors that do crop will be smoothed over and reconciled. With that in mind, and after the huge outcry of the fans (go fans!), it's time to take a wait and see attitude.


Also, take a look at the upcoming tales page for a wholly revamped list of upcoming books and newly scheduled books.



Lots of changes, updates and new items on the Upcoming page. Also added cover for the new Old Republic mini-comic: "Threat of Peace", which compiles the first five issues of the online series.



Added info for the upcoming Omnibus: Shadows of the Empire, which will carry Shadows of the Empire #1-6, Shadows of the Empire: Evolution #1-5 and Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand #1-6. Added the upcoming Crosscurrent to just after the LOTF series. Added a little commentary on the Latest News page about the recent fiasco over Karen Traviss departure and the Clone Wars controversy.


8/12/09 And then some bad news...

As some of you have heard by now, Karen Traviss is leaving Star Wars over the issue of continuity. The Art of the Clone Wars book was brought to her attention which showed that the planet Mandalore, established as far back as the 80's in the pages of Star Wars Marvel comics, and enlarged upon by Abel Pena's "History of the Mandalorians" article in the Insider #80, and then again in Traviss' Republic Commando series and Legacy of the Force books. Mandalore is an agricultural planet with its capitol at Keldabe, a city built inside the massive skeletons of giant dinosaur-like beings that once roamed the planet. Well, Traviss discovered that in the upcoming Season Two of the Clone Wars animated series, Lucas is apparently eradicating the established history and geography of that planet, and making into an uninhabitable world with only one habitable area called Cube City in which the Mandalorians live. There may be other issues as well, but this is a big enough one, as it potentially renders her series and quite a number of other books and comics invalid. Traviss considered completely rebooting her series, but in the end decided it wasn't worth it, and that it was time to move on.


Now, I'm not going to go into a diatribe here, except to say that it doesn't matter if you loved Traviss or not. It's a shame to lose a good author, but this is not as much about her, as it is about the foundation of the Expanded Universe, and the responsibility everyone writing for Star Wars has to ensuring (for the fans and for the franchise) that delicate willing suspension of disbelief, which only a strong continuity maintains. To disrupt that, on a whim, even by the creator of the franchise, is ethically irresponsible. The history of Mandalore is official continuity that he approved (through the auspices of LFL) three times over the years. To now change his mind for no good cause (because there's no reason his Cube City can't be a moon of Mandalore, or another city on the planet, or another planet with another name altogether) betrays a lack of respect not only to the fans who've paid good money for those books and comics in the belief that this is one ongoing saga, nor only to the authors and editors who've spent a lot of time maintaining continuity, but to his own franchise, which is at risk if he succeeds in trampling over what's already been established. This is not just idle doomsaying either: alienating the core fanbase, Lucas' bread and butter for over thirty years is a way to ensure that Star Wars doesn't make it another thirty years. People will have no interest in buying books or comics if they're no more than 'What if' stories. And those who've already spent a good amount on Star Wars literature will feel a sting of betrayal if Lucas suddenly renders them apocryphal. It's clear Lucas is gearing to the young kids with the animated series, and that's fine, but that is no reason to disrespect the older fans. Nor is it a guarantee of future prosperity as there is so much more geared to kids nowadays than there was in the late 70's and early 80's. Only a small percentage of those kids will become part of the core fanbase. But if Lucas has alienated them, there will be none to join and the franchise will perish. And what a shame that would be after such a great run!


Of course, Lucas can and will do as he pleases, but that doesn't make it right, and it doesn't mean that those of us who fund his empire have to sit quietly like obsequious little mice and say nothing. If this move of his strikes you as a smack in the face, if you see this as but the first of many such cavalier rewrites of stories, if you care about the future of the Expanded Universe and the overall health of a franchise that depends on continuity, which has thrived because of its single historicity, then register and drop a line over at the official site's message boards. The fan-reaction thread, the VIP thread and the Clone Wars continuity thread have been in a furor over what they fear may come to pass. But together, people can wield great power for change. Traviss' departure is an opportunity to let the powers-that-be know that the fans care about continuity and the welfare of the Expanded Universe now being threatened to be turned into stories that never "happened". True, in the big scheme of the world's problems this is a very, very tiny matter that wouldn't even register as a blip. Everyone should recognize that fact. And I would be thrilled if this was the biggest thing to gripe about. Putting that perspective aside, however, for those of us who've turned to the Star Wars saga as a healthy diversion from the horrors of the real world (which is what good art and entertainment does), this fascinating alternate world, with great characters that have grown through stories that have had impact on future tales over the course of 32 years of one single unified history, deserves better. Drop a respectful comment and let the powers-that-be that this issue matters to you.



Added covers for Legacy, KOTOR, Invasion, and Clone Wars. Also added covers for the new Clone Wars titles: Jedi in Training (after Cloak of Darkness), Captured (adaptation of Dooku Captured), Decide your Destiny 2: The Lost Legion, The Battle for Ryloth (adaptation of the Ryloth trilogy) and the UK only Journey Through Hyperspace (after Crash Course)



Added an older Lego Magazine to the Infinities roster, this time the Sep-Oct 2006 short comic "Sail Barge Break Out!"


7/31/09 Finally, Some News

While the SDCC brought very little in terms of Star Wars news, this one bit did come out, thanks to the efforts of Bryan Young who interviewed Steve Sansweet. You should read his full story here, but the short of it is that the Ultimate box set on Blu-Ray is coming down the pike within the next "several" years with "lots of extras and deleted footage and anything anyone could want." Sansweet jokes that he should say that with trepidation knowing that fans really do want everything and will complain if the Holiday Special isn't included! A very true statement that is. Apparently some work has been done "in cleaning things up" for a Blu-Ray release, though no mention if this includes special edition-type reshoots or additional scenes. No mention if any of the deleted scenes have been or will be put back into the films, and no mention of the Droids and Ewoks full seasons. Still, it's the only news we've had in a long time, and it does sound like good news! Lets hope "several" years is sooner rather than later.


7/24/09 In Unrelated News...

While the San Diego Comic Con will no doubt bring a ton of news on all fronts, including the animated series, the upcoming live-action series, Dark Horse Comics, Del Rey books, more video games, action-figures, statues, etc. (and hopefully some news on a Blu-Ray extended edition box set, as well as the Droids and Ewoks animated series), I just thought I'd drop a line on some unrelated news. My own project is off the ground and running. I've completed the first draft of a book I'm writing (this is the project I've obliquely hinted at in the past) entitled Black Sabbath: The Illustrated Lyrics. The website is also up where you can see some sample illustrations, a list of illustrators, my latest news on the project, and soon a sample of text.


And back to Star Wars news, if you haven't already, pick up the sequel to "Precipice" for free: "Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn". Head here to choose PDF, Kindle or Ebook formats.


5/28/09 Free!

Head over here for a free PDF of the novella: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice!



Added cover images of the newest Lego BrickMaster magazine and the first three Lego Club magazine. The LearningPath Clone Wars book "Rescue in the Sky" and the sketch cover edition of Dark Times #1.



Added "Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn" to right after "Precipice". That's subject to change on the 21st when it's released if it's revealed to take place some years later, but from the preview it seems to take place shortly afterwards.


Also, the upcoming Blood Oath's release date has been settled on March 23, 2010, alongside JW Rinzler's much anticipated, The Making of Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Check out Upcoming for updated release dates.


Finally, I added the latest Galactic Timeline on The Return of the Mandalorians.



Thanks to Brad Berger for providing me the missing covers for KOTOR and Legacy. Now the cover gallery is complete! Thanks man!


I also added the last two Clone Wars: Slaves of the Republic covers and the rare #1 variant.



I finally got around to updating KOTOR and Legacy (as well as Dark Times). I do know I'm missing one of each cover (that's b/c of my transition to the new comic book shop, which I may drop for instead. We'll see). I also added the new Clone Wars digest: The Wind Raiders of Taloraan to month 9, but as with all of the Clone Wars material these days, it's anyone's guess.



Added more LegoComics to the list and the print ones from Lego Club Magazine. Thanks Plaristes!



Added's Gunship over Florrum video game after the webcomic, Hunting the Hunters in month 9 ABG.



No big news, just added the last CW webstrip and episode 22 of the CW, which I'd forgotten. Thanks Janek for the reminder. As we enter the final six months of '09, my focus on the book I'm writing is going to intensify, so if you guys see any omissions, by all means drop me a line! I appreciate it!



Added the latest Hyperspace Exclusive (a continuation from the Galaxy of Fear series): Death in the Slave Pits of Lorrd.



Moved the new No Prisoners novel to just after the Clone Wars episode, "Duel of the Droids". Thanks to Plaristes!



Added Ryder Windham's upcoming Clone Wars: Secret Missions, book 1: Breakout Squad to immediately after the episode "Destroy Malevolence". I also updated the release schedule and added the new ebook, Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice. (Update: Moved to after Golden Age of the Sith -- Thanks Jim!) Click on the link to get it for free (while it's available).



Well, give a big thanks to Brad Berger for giving me a proper update of the things I've missed in the last few months while my attention's been elsewhere. More proof positive of what I've been saying for years that without you guys, this site wouldn't be half as a good! Thank you, Brad, for the eagle eyes and hard work!


I also added the new Galactic Timeline entry: Record 002: Mandalorian Blockade is Broken. Worth checking out! I really dig what they're doing there.



Again, no major updates, but the new Rebel Force book is forcing me (no pun intended) to move things around, which is always fun (read: annoying) in this era. The book has ambiguous timing, alternately going listing "weeks" and "months" since the Battle of Yavin. Note to Alex Wheeler (or Jude Watson or whoever you are): "Just leave any reference to dates out, please!" I'm not sure if the author's aware of just how loaded time-period really is! At any rate, the actual dating of the book has to be determined by its events, and in this case there are aspects that require it's placement before and after certain other events in the newspaper strips and Marvel series. Right now, I'm moving Luke's first return to Tatooine (in Tatooine Sojourn) up so that it's before the first Rebel Force book. Likewise, the series has to be before Fixer sells out Luke in Marvel #31: "Return to Tatooine". If there's any other major shifts or causes for complaint, I'll let you know...



No major updates; just moved Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya to 1 BBY as per Leland's directive to Dark Horse (before they had a chance to change the date internally). It's still post-Han Solo and the Lost Legacy and in the midst of Rebel Dawn, so there's not much chance. I also added Star Wars Invasion, which came online on the 8th.


Apologies for the lack of updates, but I have to give all my energies to the book I'm writing. It's non-Star Wars related, and in fact, non-fiction, but beyond that I'm not yet ready to discuss it, save to say that it's the reason I've had to take a break from SW for a bit. I'll try and make the minimum number of updates as well, but as I also changed comic-book shops recently, there's a lag period with new comics. Things should hopefully go back to normal schedule in time.


5/09/09 Wow

If you haven't headed over to the official site in awhile (and who could blame you with their impossible navigation), do so now! The first eight pages of the new Star Wars: Invasion is up, and it's REALLY good! I think Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson have a big hit on their hands! Check it out here!



Much thanks to Plaristes, I corrected Grievous Attacks! to include Clone Wars episode 7: Duel of the Droids. Also, episode 8's Bombad Jedi is adapted in the book of the same name and Jar Jar's Big Day (not episode 12's The Gungan General which I mistakenly had)!



Changed the date of 3656 to 3653 and added the Old Republic's interactive timeline (which has video story content) on to that date.


3/18/09 501st

The official site's posted the new cover and blurb for Imperial Commando: 501st. You can check it out here.


This direct sequel to Karen Traviss' Republic Commando series (and the latter's Order 66) will be on October 27th, 2009..







With the upcoming Star Wars Adventures: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya set at 2 BBY (there's a preview of it up on, I'm going to place it between Han Solo's Revenge and Han Solo and the Lost Legacy for now. There's some time in that period in which Han and Chewie ran around a bit, so that could work.



Added new CW webcomic and episode.



Added the upcoming Omnibus tags to Star Wars #27: "Starcrash"; Star Wars: The Hunt for Aurra Sing; Star Wars: Jedi Quest #1–#4; Star Wars Starfighter: Crossbones #1–3; Star Wars Episode II Hasbro Minicomics #1–4; Dark Horse Extra #35–37: "Heart of Fire" ; Dark Horse Extra #44-47: “Poison Moon.”


Also added new young readers Clone Wars adaptations to the timeline.



Sorry, no major updates (except for adding CW Lego #8 -- big deal!) Been preoccupied with a non-related project that's a bit time-consuming. Hope to get back to the site's updates sometime soon.



Added the new Clone Wars episodes and webcomics, and fixed the episode numbers (#15 on). Also added the first issue of Old Republic: Threat of Peace in the Sith era.


2/28/09 Threat of Peace

War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire has gripped the galaxy for decades, but the sacking of Coruscant and a subsequent peace treaty are changing everything. As the Republic scrambles to re-establish order, the Sith Empire moves quickly to consolidate power within its new dominion...


The first part of this new, free online comic is now available. You can find Act I: The Treaty of Coruscant here. New issues will be released twice a month! Enjoy!



Nothing major. Just added the new Lego Clone Wars video. I did get a bunch of the new DK CW books. I'll see if I can scan and notate them tomorrow. My attention's a bit taken up these days with to a non-SW related project I'm working on. But I'll try and do a little SW updating in between.



Update of the updates page! It was time for something a little different. There's not only this site's standard left-side banner on this page now, but an additional link to this page on the left-side banner of every other page which should make navigating here much quicker. (Thanks Chaz for the tip). Now if only I actually update this more often...



Added The Valley webcomic to month 8 ABG. Also added the title for the fourth Fate of the Jedi book: Backlash, and the change in status to Deathtroopers (which is now a hardcover) on the upcoming page.



Added the breakdown for the Downfall of a Droid adaptation (in Grievous Attacks). Added a few CW covers, but there's more to come in a week's time.



Sorry, got ambushed again! Minor changes and additions, including some recent announcements about the upcoming online prequel comics to BioWare's upcoming Old Republic video game. According to the report, the comics span from the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant (3656 BBY) till three decades later when the game begins (which is now apparently 3626 BBY). Don't be surprised if those numbers get modified.


More updates to come as I square away some more of the Clone Wars books that just came out by Grosset & Dunlap. I added some of the adaptation info to the appropriate episodes in question. It's a nice throwback to the old Droids and Ewoks series (which also had illustrated novella adaptations). Hopefully we'll see more of these.


Updates: I added the flashbacks from final Legacy of the Force book Invincible. There are three in total, the prologue and interlude between chapters 10 and 11 go during the Young Jedi Knight series, and the interlude between chapters 19 and 20 which goes during the New Jedi Order book Dark Tide II: Ruin.


2/08/09 More Comic-Con News!

News-heavy weekend: Dark Horse will be publishing an online prequel to the upcoming BioWare massively multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Written by BioWare's Rob Chestney, Star Wars: The Old Republic: Threat of Peace will span the three decades leading up to the game. A new issue will appear every other Friday starting in February exclusively on Sources from Comic-Con say that Dark Horse will eventually publish a trade paperback at some point of the Old Republic storyline, though whether this is to be a collection of the online material or a new story covering the events of the game itself (or both) remain as yet unclear.


More news!

This will come as expected to some, and upsetting to others, but Rebellion will no longer be continued. Randy Stradley, Dark Horse head-partner, intimated that it was getting harder keeping the story fresh and that the time-frame they were in was continuity-heavy. I think this is good news. If DH can't find a writer who knows the continuity well and works within it, it's just as well they quit while they're ahead. I personally thought the final Vector issues of this series represented Rebellion's high point both art-wise and story-wise. Fans of the classic trilogy era will have Star Wars Adventures to look forward to, digest-sized graphic novels starring Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie and the droids.


2/07/09 Comic-Con News!

Ready for the invasion?! Dark Horse just announced its plans for a fifth series, one taking place during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion 25 years ABY. Check it out!

This ongoing series will feature new characters and stories woven throughout the era known as the New Jedi Order along with Luke, Han, Leia, the Solo kids and the rest of the main cast as well.


The series will be written by Australian playwright Tom Taylor and illustrated by Colin Wilson (Legacy).


Also announced: Be on the lookout for a free Star Wars comic based on Luke's Tatooine nemesis, Fixer. Star Wars: Fixer: From the Shadow of Twin Suns is created by Anthony Forrest (who played Fixer in the deleted scenes of A New Hope) and Kevil Llell.


More news!

The third Darth Bane book will be entitled Dynasty of Evil! And the official site has some info on the second book in the upcoming Fate of the Jedi series: Omen. Check it out!


1/28/09 Reminder

The third Coruscant Nights book is out as of yesterday. Patterns of Force is available at your local bookseller and online retailers. Also, don't forget that May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day and there will be a Star Wars comic offered this time. Check out the convenient store locator to find out where you nearest participating store is.


And while you're at it, check out the cover to the upcoming Deathtroopers! Pretty sweet, huh!?






Ok, after a bit of a hiatus in which I got ambushed by clones, droids, Ewoks and Shadowtroopers (not to mention other projects that I'm still involved in), I'm going to try and get back to the progress I was making at the end of year 2 BBY. When last we left off Han was still in the corporate sector, the Rebel Alliance was formerly born and Jabba and his aunt were up to no good. As I move into the ever more crowded 1 BBY section, I've divided the year into two six month periods. Now, I'm basically doing this to cut down on the clutter of this year. But that's going to mean I'm using some creative decision-making in terms of what goes where. Lots of older stories didn't make distinctive timeline divisions (which in some ways was for the best). In those cases, stories that don't take place immediately before A New Hope will, unless there's evidence otherwise, go in the first six months of the year. The rest will go in the latter. At the moment, it seems like a good enough plan, but we'll see what happens when I'm actually in that year.



The threat is realized and I've moved all the Ewoks materials back to where I first thought they belonged. And since I had already moved the Droids cartoons (see the 11/10/08 entry) and cartoons to this period, a retcon is provided for the rather nonsensical time-travel crossover in the Ewoks/Droids comics (see below), as well as allowing Cindel time to grow up and become the reporter we see in the Black Fleet Crisis. Thanks again to Rob Mullin for providing good evidence and a helpful list of pros and cons. Here's the rundown:




a. The Endor entry in TSWIU seems to imply the events of the Ewok films take place post-TESB as this in-universe story references a battle of Hoth.

It's my estimation/retcon that it was a battle against smugglers or pirates, and not the later Battle of Hoth that will be fought against the Rebellion.


b. The age of Wicket. While it's a little hard to tell the ages of the Ewoks, Wicket hasn't grown much in those years if it really is supposed to be that far before the films.

I figure the Ewoks have growth spurts. Or Wicket's just a shorter Ewok. 


c. Morag's presence in the MMORPG Galaxies. This is a non-issue. Neither I, nor many fans view the events of this game as canon, and there are numerous discrepancies with the EU.



a. More time to prepare for an Imperial presence.
b. It would allow the retconning of the time-travel crossover in the Droids and Ewoks comic, essentially showing that R2 and 3PO moved in space, but not in time -- 3PO's been shown to have suffered bouts of delusion before. Perhaps the unexplained journey to Endor (space wormhole) screwed him up. It's also early enough that sudden arrival and departure could be viewed as miraculous and allow a legend to grow up around him (though why R2 isn't included in this idolatry since he was there with 3PO is a retcon that hasn't yet been made clear. Have fun with that fix!)
3. It would harmonize with the intention of the editor of the comics, who noted that these events were "before Star Wars ever happened." 
4. It would allow Cindel Towani to be an appropriately aged reporter by the time of the Black Fleet Crisis.



Thanks to Rob Mullin, I made some updates to the order of events in the lives of the Ewoks. I'm still toying with the idea of moving all the Ewoks material back in time to where I first had it (2 BBY). We'll see.


1/09/09 Retro!

The new series Fate of the Jedi seems to be going for a very retro look for the cover. Interesting choice. Aaron Allston's heading this series (as he had with the Last of the Jedi series), which will feature Troy Denning and Elaine Cunningham (who's also tackled Blood Oath -- see below) Head over to the for a detailed description of what's going on inside the cover and why Luke is branded an Outcast! (Fans of the old EU may experience a slight tickling feeling in the brain as they recall the days when Luke was also branded "Pariah!")







I know updates have been seldom. I've been working on a project with a deadline (not quite finished yet either) and reading Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor -- which has been fun. Anyone who's a long-time EU fan will rejoice at the return of Blackhole from Russ Manning's 1978 newspaper strip and Fenn Shysa from the old Marvel series! This is why we love the EU! (and because the stories are great). Matt Stover does a nice job of getting Luke, Han and Leia and right while telling an interesting tale.


1/07/09 Don't Break the Oath!

The Blood Oath that is. Lucasfilm unveiled the cover of the upcoming novel by Elaine Cunningham, and I think it looks damn good! The story follows Jedi Knight, Zekk, after his adventures in Legacy of the Force. Head on over to The Official Site for more info. Know, however, that there are spoilers!


Update: Unfortunately, it looks like this book won't be coming out after all as the author hadn't turned in the manuscript. Shame too, as it looked and sounded like a great read.




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