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Archived News 2019


11/25/19 Corrected Cults

Special thanks is due to Robert Newnham for all the hard work he put in editing Cult Encounters, and I'm thrilled to announce he'll be editing the extended edition of Supernatural Encounters, as well! I'll create a PDF of both of them once SE has been put into print. Hopefully, I'll be able to include CE, but we'll see as we get closer to the layout stage. Stay tuned!


11/7/19 Vader's Discovery of his Son

When Vader's Quest was released, I assumed that Centares, one of the locations where Vader confirmed that Luke Skywalker was the pilot who blew up the Death Star, was the same location as the Rebel outpost of Marvel Star Wars #35: Dark Lord's Gambit. Having seen now that the EU treats them as two separate locations--a reasonable assertion given that Vader went to lengths to confirm the intel that indeed he had a living son and that this same person was the one who destroyed the Emperor's most prized weapon of mass destruction--I went about untangling the two stories that I'd previously intertwined.


One Canon fans will also be pleased to note that I've begun adding the 2015 Marvel Star Wars series, which surprisingly has a considerably less conflicting narrative that I'd previously assumed. It allows for the Rebels to stay on Yavin 4 for a time (contrary to what I'd initially heard); it doesn't take place immediately after the events of A New Hope (also contrary to what I'd initially heard), and it's also quite well-written (once again, contrary to what I'd heard). Clearly my early sources had been mistaken about a great many things. EU purists are free to ignore it, and, of course, the individual eras won't include post-2013 material (with some exceptions, Star Wars #108, and Zahn's 2nd Thrawn trilogy).


10/22/19 More Corrections

Thanks again to the brilliant Alex Payne for pointing out additional discrepancies in the Clone Wars section in need of correction! I've said it before and I'll say it again, this timeline is what it is thanks to you guys!


10/15/19 Corrections

Thank you to Alex Payne for pointing some errors in various UK Clone Wars magazines, which thanks to him, have now been corrected!


10/14/19 Billboard Project!

The project to place a (second) billboard near Lucasfilm's headquarters that will say "Continue Legends" is underway. Here's an update.


9/23/19 Thanks!

Special thanks again to Robert Newnham for once again perfecting Cult Encounters with his eagle-eyed edits!!


9/20/19 Clone Wars: Way of the Warrior

One of the rarest Star Wars books in modern times is this Ladybird UK publication from 2010, called Clone Wars: The Way of the Warrior. It was released in partnership with, who do personalized books for kids, and only directly for fans who pre-ordered it, as the story incorporated your name (or whatever name you chose) as the main protagonist/antagonist in the adventure. Most of us missed this opportunity and the story was never made commercially available apart from this special order... until now! Clone Wars: The Way of the Warrior is available here for download as a CBR file!


9/17/19 Clone Wars 3

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Connor Nicholas for informing me that the link to the third season of Clone Wars webstrips, the Valsedian Operation, was not working. It is now! Thanks Connor!


9/13/19 WEG Update

I wanted to send a shout-out to Anil Din, who sent me the complete revised Gamemaster Screen, which I've now uploaded here: Gamemaster Screen: Revised (2nd edition) 40153. Thanks Anil! I also wanted to thank Robert Newnham for his excellent edits on Cult Encounters! You rock!


8/8/19 Updates

As the final draft of the EE of SE comes along, and a lot of cut material is restored and reintegrated, there are some additional chapter changes to reflect the rearrangement of material in ways that are clearer chronologically than they were.


Also, thanks to Alex Payne, I fixed the placement of the Decide Your Destiny Clone Wars books!


7/11/19 TOR Updates

For those of you curious about the timeline of events in The Old Republic era, the MMORPG and its various updates, expansions, flashpoints, operations, short stories, etc., which run from 3954 to 3629 BBY, I've done my best to figure out the dates and add them to the timeline.  If you see any errors, drop me a line!


7/9/19 Site news and SE EE Update!

Decoded the date entries for The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural and put them on the timeline in their appropriate places. Also, received some rough illustrations from Chris Cold for the forthcoming extended edition of Supernatural Encounters! Here's one to enjoy for now!


7/4/19 Just a shoutout!

Saying "Thanks!" to Robert Newnham for proofreading and edits on "Cult Encounters"! Love your eagle-eyes!


6/20/19 Ewoks Manhua and Site News

Just received the rare Chinese Ewoks comics which I'll scan and post once I get a translation.

In other site news, I updated/corrected the 3950s BBY.


6/10/19 Timeline Updates

More discrepancies in the Rise of the Empire era fixed (thanks again Danni!), and for you One Canon fans, I've added the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan novel Master & Apprentice and the Age of Republic and Age of Rebellion comics to the Complete Saga page.


6/5/19 Timeline Updates

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Danni Scarpa for pointing out some discrepancies and helping my fried brain better understand the early part of 32 BBY! Great chronological skills Danni!


5/30/19 GO GET IT!

Marvel's Star Wars #108: "Forever Crimson" is the first commissioned Expanded Universe story to have come out since LFL/Disney decided to wickedly axe the EU and turn it into the non-canonical (according to them) "Legends" line, and it's excellent! It not only wraps up storylines left dangling by the cancellation of the original series in 1986 (then written by Jo Duffy), it presents a possible continuation of the storyline! Plus, it's brilliantly written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustration by numerous artists (each who take a chapter in the book), and contains interviews with Jo Duffy, David Michelinie, Walt and Louise Simonson, Ron Frenz, and Tom Palmer!


If this issue sells well (and there are five variant covers to hunt down, plus one blank cover and one signed one), we can expect a continuation of the Expanded Universe! This issue is not only a celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Marvel, but a test run to see what interest--if any--exists for the original canon. Show them you care! Run out today and grab a copy or five! P.S. Marvel has also reprinted issue #107 and Ewoks #1 as part of their $1.00 True Believers series.


In site news, I added #108 to--where else?--after issue #107, and moved a few things earlier, Mystery of the Rebellious Robot, Tales #4's "Spare Parts," and Adventures in Colors and Shapes to 1 ABY, which I should've done awhile ago, but forgot.


5/7/19 Wow! Fundraiser Exceeds Goals!

Star Wars EU fans are truly the best fans in the world! We have exceeded our goal to pay for illustrations for the extended edition of Supernatural Encounters! Thank you so much! I can't wait to send you guys your perks! For any latecomers who would like to still contribute, we can still accept donations for most perks, but not the Tuckerism. All funds will still go the artist and production of the perks. For fans who weren't able to contribute, no worries! The story and all its illustrations will be available for free right here on this site! We're looking at a late summer/early Fall release! PDFs to follow.


In unrelated site news, I added the home video games, Episode I: Battle for Naboo, and Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Thanks to Alex Payne for providing the info!


4/2/19 Fundraising for Supernatural Encounters!

For those of you who’d like to contribute, I’m looking to raise $3,500.00 to pay for illustrations for the Star Wars novel Supernatural Encounters. Fans who wish can support this effort, and with certain amounts you’ll receive perks. Anything above the stated goal will be put towards additional illustrations.

Here are the perks:

A.    $20.00-$49.00: Your name in the “contributor credits” at the end.

B.    $50.00-$99.00: A plus a softcover trade paperback with black & white illustrations.

C.    $100.00-$199.00: A plus a hardcover copy of the book with color and black & white illustrations.

D.    $200.00-$299.00: A and C plus your fan-made character name or a Tuckerism (an anagram) of your name in the story, as per my discretion.

E.    $300.00 and up: A, B, and D.

All physical copies will be produced on a one-time limited edition basis and will not be for sale. Books will be shipped out as soon as they’re available.

Click here to contribute:

Disclaimer: This is a not-for-profit fan project that is not intended for commercial use. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners Lucasfilm/Disney. No copyright infringement is intended or implied.


3/3/19 Ewoks, Droids, and a French Translation of Supernatural Encounters!

The amazing Alban Leloup joins the list of translators who will be bringing Supernatural Encounters to your local language group, this time French!


You fans of the still-unreleased Droids and Ewoks animated series, click on the link to your right for new, sharp, cleaned-up versions of those three seasons! Special thanks to Thall Joben for releasing them on Youtube, and Rich Handley for zipping them up for us!


2/13/19 New EU and Sith Edition of Supernatural Encounters Update 

The latter first: Clearly I missed the deadline to release the Special Sith Edition, but I didn't realize at the time how the addition of cut material would require a bit of reworking, though in ways that I think are necessary to improve the chronological flow of the story, which anyone whose read it thus far will admit can be a bit challenging to follow. Also, there is a lot of new material, two or three new chapters (which are posted on the timelines), and a lot of endnotes, all of which needs proofreading before it's ready. I don't want to catch anymore typos! :)


The former: Marvel Comics confirmed today that they are doing a new story set in the Expanded Universe! Yes, it's true. This is something fans have awaited for a long time and is still surprising, gleefully so, for many. It will called Star Wars #108 to represent the fact that the original Marvel series had ended at issue #107. Storywise, however, it will be a sequel to issue #50: The Crimson Forever, and include not only Luke, Han, and Leia, but Domina Tagge, Valance the bounty hunter, Jaxxon, and Amaiza! How do you beat that, I don't know, but it's certainly a milestone given that Domina's story goes back to 1981, and in fact was never properly concluded. The author Matthew Rosenberg is clearly a fan, and although this is being planned as a one-shot, take a look at some of the ideas he has for future stories if this one sells well. EU FANS: MAKE SURE IT SELLS WELL!! :) Anyway, the press release is here and worth checking out:


1/31/19 Expanded Edition of Supernatural Encounters and Endnotes!

Some of you know I cut a bit of material from the published version of Supernatural Encounters for various reason, some of which was because I felt it had gotten too long; some of which because it needed more research and I ran out of time. So to this end, a big thank you to Ryan Shepherd and Edward Dodds for their tremendous help, ideas, and research, ensuring that the expanded edition of Supernatural Encounters does not have any errors.  The plan is to have it out on 2/6/19. The PDF will follow in the days ahead. So stay tuned!


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