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4/4/20 Site Update

Thanks to Alex Payne, I moved The Clone Wars Magazine story "The Only Good Clanker" to BEFORE The Clone Wars, Season 3, episode 12, due to the fact that Asajj is still working for Dooku.


4/1/20 Updated Gamemaster Guide

Just wanted to give a shout-out to David Sell for providing us with the missing page 4 of the Lords of the Expanse: Gamemaster Guide! Download it here: Gamemaster Guide


You can find additional fan-made RPG sourcebooks, supplements, adventures here!


3/20/20 Infinities Addition

Due to the fact that Greg Rucka's Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure has the Alliance leaving Yavin 4 immediately after the Battle of Yavin, which contradicts the EU version of events, which has them staying there for at least six months, it's been placed in Infinities.


3/18/20 TOR Updates

Thanks to Alex Payne, I added two additional TOR short-stories that I'd missed: "The Search for Oricon" and "Lana Benikos' Journal: Darth Arkous" to 3639 and 3638 BBY respectively. There's some additional stories that need to be added as soon as we figure out exactly where they go.


3/9/20 Shuffling (update)

The 0 year ABY has gotten some shuffling in order to accommodate the Marvel 2015 series, Star Wars, Darth Vader, Vader Rising, Lando, Chewbacca, and Doctor Aphra.


The 2015-on Marvel series has been surprisingly free of contradictions with the Expanded Universe stories in this time-frame, not entirely, but enough to allow them to be placed. I say surprisingly because the Dark Horse 2013 serieswhich was supposed to be in continuity with the Expanded Universewas far more problematic (for which reason it currently sits in Infinities). These Marvel stories are generally self-contained, and well-written, though they do require some adjustments.


The Doctor Aphra series required shifting the Alan Moore story "Blind Fury" (from Marvel UK #159) to the earlier (now in 7-12 months ABY period), which is no problem as that story is free to be moved any time after the Battle of Yavin and before the Battle of Hoth. Due to the fact that Leia is shown swimming in issue #34, Star Wars #21-on and Doctor Aphra stories have to be placed after Splinter of the Mind's Eye (where Leia says she can't swim, a statement that isn't challenged by Luke). It's either that, or place SOTME earlier in the 1 ABY time-frame, which itself wouldn't be problematic. In either case, Leia learns to swim.


Due to various continuity conflicts, Princess Leia has been placed in Infinities.


Added Han Solo, but the placement can be in several places post-evacuation, pre-Hoth. Similarly, Star Wars Annual #3 could fit in several places prior to Luke's discovery of Hoth in the newspaper strips.


As regards Darth Vader's discovery of Luke Skywalker as the destroyer of the Death Star, it seems reasonable that Vader would triple-check the information to ensure its veracity, allowing readers to better understand why there are three instances in which Vader gathers this intelthe original Marvel series (issue #35), Vader's Quest, and Darth Vader #6/Star Wars #6.


As regards the existence of the Super Star Destroyer, the Executor, there were numbers SSDs created at the time. Either the Executor was built or rebuilt and/or upgraded at Kuat, Scarl, and Fondor, or there's an Executor I and an Executor II. Keep in mind too that The Force Unleashed had the Executor in existence three years prior to its appearance at the Starship Yards of Fondor in the Goodwin newspaper strips.


For those puzzled as to why the post-Disney buyout titles would be included on a Star Wars EU timeline, the Complete Saga page follows the "One Canon" approach, which permits any story that reasonably fits into the Expanded Universe on the timeline. For purists, the other pages on this site remain free of post-2013 stories.


3/4/20 Site Update

Added the five part Lando comic-book series to the 7-12 months after Episode IV: A New Hope period.

This takes place after "Lady Luck" (Tales #3), which I have placed in the 1-6 month period (earlier than the placement given it on other timelines), to account for the fact that Lando met Lobot around the time he won Cloud City. As with the latter story, it could take place later (or earlier for that matter).


1/23/20 Site Updates

Moved Master & Apprentice to before Jedi Apprentice #17 for continuity (Valorum) and thematic (Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's relationship) reasons. Thanks to Alex Payne for catching that!


Also added the forthcoming The Clone Wars Season 7 to the timeline, in the knowledge that the four unfinished "Legacy" episodes, starting with "The Bad Batch" will appear in that seasons in their completed forms.


1/21/20 Batch of Interviews

The final batch of interviews with Doug McCausland is up, and includes Mike Stackpole, James Luceno, Christie Golden, and Kathy Tyers! Find them all here!


1/20/20 The Mandalorian is Up

All eight episodes are listed in 9 ABY (on the "Complete Saga" page only), placed prior to the return of Thrawn in Heir to the Empire.


1/14/20 Interview with Dave Wolverton!

Next up in our EU interview series with Doug McCausland is author Dave Wolverton! Check it out here!


1/6/20 Interviews for the New Year

Today I was interviewed by my friend Matt Wilkins for his Princes of the Universe podcast on Youtube! We had a blast as we always do when we talk Star Wars!


Additionally, I'm starting a new section on the Archives for interviews with Star Wars Expanded Universe authors. These were all conducted by writer, Star Wars fan, and all-around great guy, Doug McCausland! We start off with an in-depth interview with Kevin J. Anderson, and one that's going really to appeal to Expanded Universe fans because the interviewer asks the kinds of questions that readers want to know! Check it out here! There will be more coming down the pike!


Finally, I've updated my email address on here. I'd forgotten how when I switched hosting companies, the old one wouldn't work. But if you find any that still don't, drop me a line here. Thanks to Noam Nederby Jessen for the heads up!


Listed by year is the archived news for that year, as well as the website updates that had originally been on a separate page.  I've decided to combine them by date for those long-time fans of this site, as well as any that are curious to see my chronological thoughts and editorials over the years. Occasionally, you'll see non-Star Wars material from my other timeline sites included, as this was before I had the lightbulb moment when I realized that each universe should have its own "latest news" and "updates" page. Please note too that these pages are being kept for nostalgia and research purposes. None of the internal links, of which there are many, will actually work, as they were created at the time the Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline was listed under the umbrella site, which is no longer the case. 

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