Boba Fett: Part I: Survival


  • Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive

  • Boba Fett: Crossroads

  • Boba Fett: Maze of Deception


Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive


Boba Fett: Crossfire


Boba Fett: Maze of Deception


Boba Fett: Hunted


Boba Fett: A New Threat



Boba Fett: Pursuit




Clone Wars: Volume I: The Defense of Kamino

Republic #49

Republic #50: The Defense of Kamino

Jedi: Mace Windu




Clone Wars: Volume II: Heroes and Scapegoats

Republic #51-52: The New Face of War

Republic #53: Blast Radius

Jedi: Shaak Ti




Clone Wars Volume 4: Light and Dark

Republic #54: Double Blind

Jedi: Aayla Secura

Jedi: Count Dooku

Republic #63: Striking from the Shadows




Hasbro Short Story Collection: Storm Fleet Warnings

Hasbro Short Story Collection: Duel

Hasbro Short Story Collection: Equipment




Clone Wars Micro Series

Contains: Season I and II of the Clone Wars (now referred to as Clone Wars: Volume I)



Clone Wars Micro Series Volume 2



Clone Wars Adventures Vol. I

  1. Contains:

  2. Blind Force

  3. Heavy Metal Jedi

  4. Fierce Currents

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Clone Wars Adventures: Vol. 2


  1. Skywalkers

  2. Run Mace Run

  3. Hide in Plain Sight (reprinted from below)



Clone Wars Adventures: Hide in Plain Sight



Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 3


  1. Rogues Gallery

  2. The Package

  3. A Stranger in Town

  4. One Battle



Clone Wars Adventures Volume 4


  1. Another Fine Mess

  2. The Brink

  3. Orders

  4. Descent



Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5


  1. What Goes Up...

  2. Bailed Out

  3. Heroes on Both Sides

  4. Order of Outcasts




Clone Wars Adventures Volume 6


  1. It Takes a Thief

  2. The Drop

  3. To the Vanishing Point

  4. Means and Ends



Clone Wars Adventures Volume 7


1: Creature Comforts

2: Spy Girls

3: Impregnable

4:This Precious Shining



Clone Wars Adventures Volume 8


  1. Versus

  2. Old Scores

  3. One of a Kind

  4. Pathways



Clone Wars Adventures Volume 9


  1. Appetite for Adventure

  2. Salvaged

  3. Life Below

  4. No Way Out


Clone Wars Adventures Volume 10


  1. Graduation Day

  2. Thunder Road

  3. Chain of Command

  4. Waiting








Legacy of the Jedi

Note: The second printing of this title has an altered cover that includes the subtitle: "From the Republic to the Clone Wars". The paperback edition (far right) contains the exclusive short story, The Last One Standing.



Escape from Dagu



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The Hive




The Cestus Deception




Republic Commando (Science Fiction Book Club Omnibus)

Contains: Republic Commando: Hard Contact and Republic Commando: Triple Zero



Republic Commando: Hard Contact



Republic Commando: Triple Zero



Republic Commando: True Colors




Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel





Clone Wars: Volume III: Last Stand on Jabiim

Republic #55: The Rainmakers

Republic #56: Stormchasers

Republic #57: Lightning Rods

Republic #58: Floodgates

Republic #59: Enemy Lines




  • Published by Dark Horse Comics, 2004

  • Issues 55-58 Written by Haden Blackman. Illustrated by Brian Ching.

  • Issue 59 written by John Ostrander. Illustrated by Jan Duursema.

  • Re-dated on the timeline due to the 2008 Clone Wars movie and TV series.


Republic #60: Hate and Fear



Republic #61: Dead Ends



Republic #62: No Man's Land



Republic #63: Striking from the Shadows

(Included in Clone Wars Vol. 4: Light and Dark)



Republic #64: Bloodlines



Republic #65: Show of Force part 1



Republic #66: Show of Force part 2



Jedi: Yoda


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Republic #67: Forever Young




Republic #68: Armor